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Feb. 26, 2010.

Only a couple of days to go!

I’ve been enjoying the Olympics – GO USA HOCKEY! Also metal #8 for Ohno, thinking of retiring at 27!

This morning I talked to Gary in Cleveland and he said they were having heavy snow and high winds there with low temperatures. Had not lost their power and were warm.

I heard a station calling CQ and noticed it was Victor, IK4CIE from Parma, Italy. We seemed to have a pipeline between us. He must have been the second hop from the east coast, and due East of me. (5371 miles)

Most of my contacts in Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, and North Carolina were having snow and wind today.

Worked VE7KBN in WetRock, B.C. and he was having rain!

8 contacts in all today.


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After starting out with Brugge, Belgium this morning at 4811 miles, I ended the day with a QSO to my friend Frank in Custer, only 2 miles away.

More interesting places today were: Dent in Minnesota, Temperance in Michigan, Golden Valley in Arizona, and West Plains in Missouri.

Post your contacts Rodger.

Only 3 days to go????????

Where did February go?

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Something interesting happened on the way to turning on my computer this morning.

I turned the switch to the 20 meter radio on and low and behold there was a weak signal calling CQ.

It was an ON5 running 10 watts on his ship as a Merchant Marine radio operator. He came back to my 5 watt call and gave me a 449 rpt. He was 559 here. Turns out he was from near Brussels at a place called Brugge, Belgium.

I couldn’t get the attention of F8AVO, but W1SV called me from Granby, Ct. I had a nice rag chew with George who was using his old Drake TR-4 and 80 watts to his dipole. He was a shipboard Merchant Marine telegrapher during WW2.

It is still winter back there, aren’t we lucky here?


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Hi gang. Sometimes I’m more intrigued by the name of the city than in other parts of the QSO.  I just let my imagination run as to how their town got named. (They probably do the same when they hear “CUSTER”)

How about these to get your imagination going……………………………………

Cooperstown, Chattanooga, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Leavittown, White Salmon, Riverbank, Stevensville, Holland, Round Rock, Lead, Rayne, Anchorage, Brights Grove, Newark, Carrollton, Twin Falls, Winfield, Williamson, Liberal, Ivy, Colorado Springs, St. Paul, Riverside, Battle Ground, Santa Claus, Rapid City, Santa Fe, Penobscot Bay, St. Joseph, Atlantic City, Laurenceville, Fredericksburg, Ashville, Pueblo, Galena, Beaver Falls, York Town, Mt. Pleasant, Rockville, Larkspur, Beach Lake, Tahachapi, Grand Rapids, Salt Lake City, New Field, Rome, Vicksburg, Columbus, Roseville, Youngstown, Fair Oaks, Eagle River, Cedar Rapids, Plainfield, White Lake, Estes Park, Chambersburg, Newton, Garfield, Springfield, Free Port, Monument, Fountain Valley, Blue Ridge, Long Beach, Rhinelander, Kingstown, Smithville, Cold Water, Flint, Clarks Grove, Blacksburg, Hillsborough, Beacon Falls.

Kinda sounds like the song “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man…”

I have tried to work a few each day of February, but some days went by with no time for radio.

Many of the colorful folks I’ve met do CW only, so there would never be any way to talk to them unless done this mode, some of them in their 90’s with amazing fists.  Some of them are scratch builders who love to operate QRP only and have nothing else in their shack other than QRP Homebrew equipment. Some still pound a straight key while others try to hang onto wild bugs needing taming. Speaking of which, I should have a new “old” Vibroplex Champion Bug arriving this week.

Good to see your posts Rodger, keep them coming. Lets get more guys on here.


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February 20, 2010 2 comments

Worked Steve from south of Denver, Co. again. He is now WG0AT (does that look like goat) and we worked two way 5 watts.

He says he may be coming to SalmonCon this year to be held at Valley Camp, Wa. He plans to bring his com-padres, Rooster and Peanut his pack goats. He had just returned from a DXpedition in the Carribean where he did a lot of DXing from the beach with QRP CW of course. I worked Steve last year about this time while he was 5 watts Pedistrian Mobile in Co.

I’ve been hearing some pretty grim stories from the east coast regarding the blizzards. We should really be doing this contest like the FYBO (Freeze Your Bunns Off) guys do from a tailgate or picnic table in a park  since we’ve been having such nice weather.

Nothing exotic to report since last post, mostly stateside. I try to get on each day, but this weekend is another CW contest, so will stay away from the radio.

VE testing went well today at the library with all but one passing.

Where are your posts, Rodger?

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Valentines Day

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Managed to work N.D., CA., and UT.

Watched some Olympics instead of pounding brass.

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Hi Brian and Rdger,

How is it going for you this year?


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