About NW QRP

This is an “off-shoot” from the WhatcomRadio.Wordpress.com blog for those of us that are participating in the MBARC QRP contest can post about our experiences.

  1. February 6, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Day 6 of our month long QRP Contest. Club newsletter is keeping me off the air. I can’t find my Rockmite QRP Xcvr. Will have to resort to 40/15 meter SoftRock SDR transmitters and IC-706 for receive (Probably will resort to IC-706 for full Xcvr at <5 watts (=1 pt/QSO) <1 watt=1 pt/QSO.

    Monitor 15 meters early afternoon and 40 meters early evening. Don’t forget PSK & JT65 for weak signal digital QRP. Lets see if we can get some of the PNW/VHF members involve. They love this kind of stuff.

    Rodger – KK7LK

  2. kk7lk
    February 8, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    Made contact with Stan Schmidt, N7OC on 40 meters. QRM was up and down. RTS of 354 faded away entirely and then Stan came back to nearly 599 and then dropped out again. Frustrating QSO but made the contact.

    Stan also put me in touch with a new / cooler logging program called “winlog32”. Very nice. Better than N3FJP’s AC Log and N1MM. Check it out.

    73 – Rodger – KK7LK

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