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February 28, 2010

On this 28th day of February, the CW QRP Contest of the MBARC came to a close along with the 2010 Olympics.

I hope you enjoyed the Olympics as much as I did. What a Hockey game for a grand overtime finish! Perhaps by next year I will be able to use my Vibroplex Champion Bug. For now it just sits on my operating table and looks challenging like a Champion should.

I finished up the last day with four contacts.

WB8RTJ Jim in Amhurst, Ohio, 2009 miles. 20 meters

W5QEPRoger in Rayne, Louisiana, 2046 miles. 20 meters

KH6ZM Max in Volcano, Hawaii, at 2724 miles. 20 meters

W0CML Jim near Denver, Colorado, 1098 miles. 80 meters

This was the first Hawaii station I heard this month.*

Thanks to all for participating, even though you didn’t post your contacts on the blog.

Send your logs to me during the next month,  please.

*Max said he had all of the models of Vibroplex Bugs ever made except for two. Guess what he was using!

72/73 until next year, Stan.

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