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February 28, 2010

One more day in the contest, but I’ll have to make sure to watch the Gold Metal final hockey game between Canada and the USA. Go Red, White and Blue. First things first………

My best effort for the day was KB4JR in Wales, Fl. at 2609 miles.

Next worked W3HBM in Bar Harbor, Me. at 2539 miles.

Worked AK2B in New York City at 2404 miles with his 2 watts.

Next worked K1TG in Naugatuck, Ct. at 2424 miles.

Ran into my neighbor Frank in Custer again on 30 meters, 2 miles away. He was in the bathroom trimming his mustache when he heard me and couldn’t resist telling me about his latest purchase, a FlameProof Navy Straight Key.

I told him I also received a new “old” Vibroplex Champion Bug in the mail yesterday.

Worked a couple more guys in California on 80 meters.

Have to admit, since I found no takers on 160 CW, I worked a dozen on LSB in the contest there on 160.

Its been fun, and have had some interesting rag chews and met some great guys on the air.

Some of the “Old Timers” can put up better stories than any I can come up with.

Since its already tomorrow I better sign off, N7OC, Stan.

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