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March 2, 2008 Comments off

Well Rodger, you made four times as many contacts as I did!  I finished the month with exactly one QSO.  I made a handful of DX contacts during the ARRL-DX-CW test but they did not meet the criteria for the MBQRP test (no name exchange), so give me a big two points!  I have been just snowed under with other activities, but I promise to make some more QRP contacts in the coming months.  Congrats Stan on the outstanding achievement-  Holy smokes, 300+ QSOs and most of them ragchews I am sure.  You da man!

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March 1, 2008 Comments off

This has probably been the least active Mt.Baker QRP Contest that I can remember.  I only made 4 contacts.  Called CQ, monitored for hours, tried to get the attention of the California guys and anyone else who would answer. Even tried some PSK digital modes on Tuesday (2/26) which was active until 11pm PST.  I couldn’t believe they didn’t hear me. “Grrrrr”.

However, I was pleased with my improved code speed and a more relaxed feeling. And as someone told me… “You’re a musician. Feel the ‘rhythm’ not the dots and dash”.   It made a big difference. No wonder Al norton K7IEY is so comfortabale with CW.

The only major celebration was the two DX contacats.
Tom Worthington, KH7CC, Kula, Hawii at 2,687 miles (4324km)
Jacky Calvo, ZM1A, Auckland, Newzeland at 7,079.3 mi (11393km)

Check out the GeoBytes web page for City Distance Tools at… 

73’s kk7lk

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